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Golden Words in English


Oh, the divine Light of abundant grace and Eternal Bliss;
Manifesting as the Primal God, Shiva,
Thou art our spiritual Torch;
Father, Mother and Shelter,
Source of boundless joy
and breath of our life,
Thou art our Towering Refuge!
Oh, Lord of immense Compassion!
Thou art of the pioneer, guiding our path.
Hail Thou, the Master of the infinite Universe;
Thou, the perfect manifestation
Of Truth, Beauty and Goodness!
Thou the very Embodiment of supreme Light;
Oh, the Governor of Kaliyuga, the present millennium;
Oh, the Radiant Light of Prosperity;
Oh, the Bestower of boons on the devout in plenty;
Hail, Hail, Hail;
Om Shri Eswara Maha Jothiye Hail! Hail!

  • In the Abode of Shri Eswara Maha Jothi, the Great Divine Light, Integral parts are we too.
  • May not be sullied our body, mind and soul by the thought waves of the Evil.
  • May webe ever mindful of the welfare of the souls all.
  • Healthy and wealthy be their life who look to us for succor.
  • May we be perennially blessed with the joys of the earth and heaven.
  • May our minds be filled with virtuous and charitable thoughts.
  • May we be endowed with the eloquence of speech and the power of winning every one, so that Truth and Charity may triumph.
  • Oh, Lord, we tender our minds, knowledge, body, health and soul all at thy holy feet and seek shelter in you.
  • Oh, the Divine Manifestation of Energy, Might, Sublimity and Compassion in all souls, one and all, symbolized by the sacred from of the Divine Light. Ever do we meditate upon thee.
  • May thy grace be showered upon us.

May the Lord Bless the growth and development of Guru Eswaralayam

May we be enriched. May we be graced for ever.